Editorial team

Executive Editor: Stefanie Hunt-Kennedy

Stefanie Hunt-Kennedy is an Associate Professor of History at the University of New Brunswick. She is the author of Between Fitness and Death: Disability and Slavery in the Caribbean (University of Illinois, 2020), which received the 2021 Disability History Association Outstanding Book Award.

Associate Editor: Kristen Nassif

Kristen Nassif is a Ph.D. Candidate in Art History at the University of Delaware. She is currently at work on her dissertation “Blindness: Unseeing Sight in American Art and Material Culture,” which explores how blindness permeated and fundamentally shaped experiences of making and viewing aesthetic objects at the end of the nineteenth century.

Past Copy Editor and Editorial Assistant: Jinseul Jun, Georgetown University

Past Executive Editor: Jaipreet Virdi, University of Delaware; Aparna Nair, University of Oklahoma-Norman

Past Lead Associate Editor: Nicole Belolan, Rutgers University-Camden